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Disclaimer: This is my personal page and contains my own views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by FedEx and is not an official communication of FedEx. I am one person. I am not a group, organization, non-profit, business, company, entity, or commercial enterprise. I can not control my para-abilities. I have tinnitus which is ringing of the ears. In the paranormal field, this means I find spirits or spirits find me. Some believe the other side is a vibration away my ears pick up on differences in vibration this allows me to see and feel vibration in things and matter. Within the differences of air pressure in enclosed haunted spaces my ears will pickup on this and will create more tones. Within the tones I pickup on spirit communication and other senses. I consider myself to have clairvoyance, clairessence , clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. I enjoy ghost hunting in haunted cemeteries, battlefields, and other outdoor environments as it does not bother my ears as much. I love the opportunity to capture "spirit" on film. I also have spirits around me 24/7 they sort of empower me, so getting scared does not seem to be an issue. I enjoy the getting to know the experience. I love the outdoors and history. It's better to explore the world than read it in a book. I enjoy camping and swimming. I also love dalmatians. I am single and gay. Single by choice and chosen to be gay by God. Now I am certain some people will question that statement. Think if God wanted me to marry whether to a man or a woman it would have happened by now. Being a christian high school graduate, I am sure I will have some elders thinking I did not pray hard enough but you cannot pray away the gay it is what it is I have no regrets. Live life for You not for someone else. In late 2016, I began writing music lyrics for no apparent reason, lyrics began flowing and dropping on paper. I outsourced my recording artists and own the copyrights for the song and composition on numerous albums. My music is registered with BMI and is distributed by DistroKid. I have ranked #1 Global, #1 National, #1 Regional, #1 Local in Christian Rock, Spiritual Music, Singer-Songwriter for ReverbNation. My music can be heard in full tracks at Songtradr has licensed most of my music catalog for commercial use. My client list has included: Pop Up Music UK, MediaNet, the Independent Filmmaker Project, Mood Media, YouTube Premium, and the PlayNetwork. My Facebook friends come from every direction coast to to coast and around the world I'd say 2/3 have in interest in the paranormal. My Fb friends list includes artists, authors, comedians, publishers, writers, producers, directors, actors, musicians, doctors, nurses, television, reporters, newscasters, paparazzi, cable, radio, print, magazines, photographers, lawyers, judges, law enforcement officers, teachers, ministers, medical, truck drivers, clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, celebrities, casting agents, booking agents, talent agents, management companies, entertainment companies, record companies, singers & songwriters, bands & band members, production companies, ghost hunters, paranormal teams, political candidates, people who live in Indiana, neighbors, friends and fans. If you have a home or business that needs to be investigated I suggest you contact your local paranormal group. If you need a psychic reading, I suggest you contact Willie Windwalker Gibson, Matthew James, or Jim Puskala. Hoosier Haunts aka Jerry L Collins ©2004-2023