When God calls on You, will you Listen? Jerry Collins is a Christian Music Artist, who has ranked #1 Local, Regional, National, and Global in Spiritual Music, Christian Rock and Singer-Songwriter for ReverbNation. Most of his music is already licensed. Jerry began writing lyrics in November 2016 for no apparent reason. Lyrics just kept falling onto paper. Jerry outsources his recording artists, whom due to contractual obligations do not allow their names to be released. Therefore, Jerry owns the copyrights for both the composition and the recording. Jerry is also Google, Spotify and YouTube Verified. All of his music is copyrighted, and registered with BMI. And all of his music is distributed by DistroKid and his client list has included: Pop Up Music UK, MediaNet, the Independent Filmmaker Project, Mood Media, YouTube Premium, and the PlayNetwork. Jerry has written a new song but has not released it yet. He may have it distributed by DistroKid or Universal Music. Jerry also has a remastered album of twelve songs that has not been released. Jerry is a member of the Episcopal Church and is a graduate of a small Christian high school. He has worked 23+ years with FedEx. Jerry is currently an International Cage Agent (Sunrise) at the second largest FedEx facility in the world - the Indy Hub. 

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